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An avid writer and educator, Susanna Hargreaves provides editorial assistance in creating content, promotional, and biographical information. Education: B.A. Journalism Public Affairs with an English minor and an M.A.T. English Secondary Education. Susanna is a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) and is  a Certified Child and Teen Life Coach through UNH.  Trained and a very successful grant writer for three nonprofit organizations. 

Susanna has written feature stories for the Telegraph, Hooksett Banner, Goffstown News, Bedford Bulletin, NH Broadcaster,  NH Mirror, Kidz Rule USA, Parenting NH, and Aspire magazine.  A proud member of the NH Writers' Project and the Poetry Society of New Hampshire, she has had work published in the Boston Literary Magazine, Suspense Magazine, Northern New England Review, NH Troubadour, Poets' Touchstone, Sacred Journey, NH Mirror, Absent Willow Review, Aspire, the Hooksett Banner, the Merrimack Journal, the Amherst Cabinet, and The Hollis/Brookline Journal.

Susanna Hargreaves enjoys writing plays for all ages and abilities, for she believes all should enjoy the magic of theater. One educational mission is to create opportunities so individuals with various learning abilities can shine. In 2006-2007, Susanna wrote six plays for the Palace Theater youth program in Manchester, NH which were performed during the school vacations in February, April and summer with Youth Director Wally Calderon.  Her play, A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale is published by Pioneer Drama.

Susanna has several years of experience teaching language arts grades 7- 12.  She has taught at Rivier College and the Nashua Community College. For 5  1/2 years, she coordinated a literacy program at Rivier College for individuals with developmental disabilities. She has also taught poetry and nature writing workshops for the NH Audubon. Susanna is a proud board trustee and education chair for the  Humane Society for Greater Nashua.


Recent News:

is released January 26th, 2017 
Nashua Ghost Story for Halloween 
October 25, 2015 in the Telegraph

April 28, 2014 

"The Chamberlain Hotel" by Susanna Hargreaves was picked as the #1 winner
of the Terri Ann Armstrong Short Story Writing Contest
by Suspense Magazine.

Susanna's play A Mixed-Up Fairy Tale
All The Grimm Brothers'  fairy tale characters in one play 
published Pioneer Drama is available to purchase!   


Books and Stories by Susanna

Nashua ghost story

A Woman's Heart

A Woman's Heart Book Trailer


Aspire articles




    "Susanna has been a wonderful grant writing volunteer for our nonprofit organization. She helped us research for foundations that are a philanthropic match. In addition, she reviewed and included research data to enhance the need statement. Overall, Susanna has refined our grant proposals with her writing skills and experience." Astrid Wielens, Executive Director of Zebra Crossings.

    “I can highly recommend Susanna for all writing jobs! Since she began with Aspire Magazine, Susanna has exceeded all our expectations. It's been a blessing to work with someone who truly enjoys what she does and it shows in all her work.” Linda Joy, Publisher & Editor of Aspire Inspiration for Women Magazine.

    “We love Susanna’s work! The clinic has received so much funding due to her hard work and dedication to our cause. I believe one of the reasons we receive the grants that we do is because she is so kind and caring, and she writes from the heart, and wants to help the people that we serve as much as we do,” Dee Twomey Business Manager of The Greater Nashua Dental Connection.

    “Susanna assisted The PLUS Company, a non-profit agency for individuals with developmental disabilities. Extremely reliable and professional, Susanna takes great pride in her work and displays a real passion for her job. Her insight brings our program many positive learning opportunities. She has a wealth of knowledge and works hard to find innovative ways to help others. Susanna’s dedication makes her a joy to work with and we feel fortunate to have her on our team.” Leni Hodgins, PLUS Director of Adult Education.

    "I would like to thank Susanna for the tremendous article she wrote about me. Her insight and eloquence is truly astounding. I am forever grateful. She puts her heart into every word she writes and makes reading her work a true pleasure,” Mike Koutrobis Comedian and Actor.

    "Susanna, thank you so much for the story that you did on me. Your words were carefully and thoughtfully placed on the page, and your quotations were exact. I have gotten such great feedback from the people that have read my article, especially about the professional manner in which it was written. This story has made a positive impact on my business and I wish you great luck with your future writing endeavors. You are a master of your profession!" Diane MacPherson, Artist and Owner of MacPherson Fine Art Studio & Gallery.

    "Susanna takes the time to understand the true nature of her subject, finds the empowering story within the narrative and promotes the positive through her writing. Susanna's enthusiastic yet easy interviewing style, conscientious fact-checking, and clear prose makes one confident to use her services over and over again...besides, Susanna herself is a delight." Steven Durost, LCMHC, Founder of CREATE! Center for Expressive Arts, Therapy and Education.

    “Susanna has been an exceptional contributor for our periodical. She is consistently dependable and produces high quality articles that are always well written. I would highly recommend her as she would be an asset to any company.” Kristen Pare Publisher & Editor Kidz Rule USA.

    "Susanna has a generous gift for telling the story of a person and their practice. She goes beyond the superficial and unlocks the meaning of what they do to share with and inspire others. I am honored that she chose me as a subject, and I enjoyed the connections her articles allowed." Maria Noel Groves, Clinical Herbalist & Health Journalist.

    “Susanna tells a story like no other. You can feel her care, dedication, and passion throughout her writing. The article she wrote about me for Aspire Magazine has truly become what I consider to be my bio. Thank you so much for creating this piece! Thank you for showing the world my true light.” Lori Lite, Author of Lite Books and Indigo Dreams.

    "Susanna Hargreaves is a wonderful writer. Firstly, she made me feel very comfortable when she was interviewing me, I felt as if she was sincerely interested in what I was telling her. She proceeded to write a beautiful article about my work and me. She is a very talented writer. " De Luna, Peace Through Music.

    "Susanna is able to grasp the essence of who I am and the love for the work that I do. Being in her presence makes communication easy. She is a gifted writer and a wonderful human being," Suzanne Carrier, Founder and owner of Gateway to Inner Peace.

 Thank you for the continued love and support from my family and friends. I am surrounded by such remarkable and caring people.


To those special individuals who have made the time to read my work, thank you.   


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